Monday, December 6, 2010

True Harmony Sunway Giza Facial

True Harmony Sunway Giza Facial Trial

Today i want to write about my facial experience at True Harmony Sunway Giza. A few weeks before my birthday, i received an sms for a free facial from a beauty salon named True Harmony. It's from a joint promotion from bank credit card. I called up to make inquiry about the facial, it's a complimentary facial for credit card holder for the birthday month. Since i want to clear off blackhead from my nose so i decided to go for it and make an appointment on Saturday.

This is my first time to Sunway Giza, it's located near Sunway Damansara. This Sunway Giza really leave a good first impression for me. Very nice and high class environment, feel like the combination of Pavilion and The Curve. Sunway Giza have lots of eatery place and i'm impressed. The ambience is comparable to The Curve and almost as good as The Curve but unfortunately there is not much crowd here.

The True Harmony beauty salon is not so easy to find. The correct direction is to look for Hong Leong Bank and then turn right straight to the corner and take a lift to third floor.

Once arrive at True Harmony beauty salon, I can see that this place is quite new and the decoration is modern design and give a contemporary look and I like the wallpaper there.The lobby has a small little Bali style fountain.

One lady (I forgot the name) greeted me and let me fill up a form with details. After she analysed my skin, she suggested to me to upgrade my free complimentary normal facial to a treatment facial which can remove 35% of my dead skin using machine and come with a shoulder massage.This treatment is worth RM138. Since I want better absorption of skincare product and want to reduce open pores, I decided to take the offer.

So the consultant took me to the room for facial without asking me to pay first. After changing into a robe, I lay down and waited for my beautician to come. The beautician started with a light hand massage with elaborate gestures, to let me absorb the aromatherapy oil from her palm and continued with a face massage. Then the beautician helped me with a double cleanse. After that she scrubbed my face, then used a machine to rub my face. This machine feels like diamond peel but with sharp needle feeling and a bit of pain. I asked her what is this machine called, she said it  is dermapot or something, i ask her wat's the difference with diamond peel, she said this is a crystal.

After finishing half of my face with the dermapot machine, the beautician let me look at the mirror and showed the difference.She showed that my face is fairer, firmer, lifted, dark circle not so deep and pore size smaller. After finishing off with the machine, she started to do extraction without steaming my face as usual facial do. The extraction process is quite painful at the nose and chin area. After that the beautician did a back and shoulder massage which is relaxing. After that she put a cream mask and leave it for 20 minutes. And I fell asleep....

After coming out from the facial room, I sat down with the consultant with a glass of water. The consultant tried to upsell again. She tried to get me to buy 3 of their products with the brand Jean D' Arcel from Germany including a cleanser, toner and hydraulucic acid (RM99 for 5 tubes only) and say they have a buy 3 free 1 promotion. Knowing that I don't intend to sign package, she didn't explain about the package price for me . For me, the moment i come up with complimentary offer but she already upsell me Rm138 and make this free offer void as though i'm a walk in customer. Then again want to upsell me products and package. 3 upsells in total! Since I already let her upsell me with RM138, I decided not to come back here even though the facial is good because I don't like the upsell.

Overall this facial is ok. But just be prepared, they will upsell.... After this facial the skin feel cleaner and i get an eyebrow trim also.

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