Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lennox Female Essence Review

I have been drinking Lennox Female Essense for almost one year now. The price of Lennox Female Essence is around RM70 depends on promotion but it's well worth the money spent for every month's consume. I take Lennox Female Essence review every month after period. I can see results from the first box i took. After drinking Lennox Female Essence, every month's period is smooth and no pain on the first day of menstrual. Besides my private part have less odour. Plus the taste of Lennox Female Essence is really tasty, it's sweet and with nice aroma although it's made with chinese herbal medicine.
I will continue to drink Lennox Female Essence to replenish iron back to my body and to remain a healthy woman.

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  1. Good sharing, a clinical test was carried out on 200 Asian women with menstrual period or PMS problems aged 18-50. All subjects were required to consume one bottle of Lennox Female Essence daily (after day 4 of menstrual period) for 6 months. For detail review visit: